Thursday, 20 September 2012

A mathematical device

Our new sundial

Thanks to an ingenious mathematical invention we can now tell the time in the garden.

Sundial early Saturday morning

(Added 22/9/12) It seems fairly accurate though I haven't found the switch for the British Summer Time setting yet.   Must be on the back where it's inaccessible!


  1. oh this is interesting device...but how does that work! plz explain

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  2. It's a sundial - as the sun moves across the sky (or as the earth rotates on its axis around the stationary sun) the shadow of the gnomon moves across the dial and the markers indicate the time.

  3. Oh I see..what an invention!
    Also, I have learnt that, Ancient sundials first popped up in Egypt around some 1500 B.C
    Thanks for sharing this antique!

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